my story

If this message is not for you, maybe you know someone that might find it useful, maybe you are sharing a house or bedroom with a person who may need to hear this.

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career planning programme

The Career Planning Program is designed to give clarity regarding career choices. This might sound like stating the obvious, but reality proved something different. Too often aptitude tests are used as an indicator for career planning. The value of this manner of evaluation is not underestimated BUT the learner, student, or unemployed may walk away not knowing what to do with the information.

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author of my life

We have all done stupid things in the past. Society and partners are not always equally forgiving, so you drag the shadow of past “crimes” and honest mistakes along. These life sucking events deprive you from a joyful existence. Draining life sap, depriving sleep, and inhibiting creativity.

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Psychometrics versus Ecometrics

“Horses for Courses” is the best approach when considering if psychometrics should be applied instead of ecometrics and would have better results applied to specific case studies.

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the 1% RULE

Find meaning, fulfilment, success, well-being, and happiness. If these words resonate you should consider Life Coaching.

A life coach helps you to move your life forward.

Life coaching provides Clarity, with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals. Reachable Goals is a noble thought but To go ONE better institute growth. 

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What is The Neuro-Coach Method™

The Neuro-Coach Method™ is a blended approach of coaching and counselling/therapy.

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