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We have all done stupid things in the past. Society and partners are not always equally forgiving, so you drag the shadow of past “crimes” and honest mistakes along. These life sucking events deprive you from a joyful existence. Draining life sap, depriving sleep, and inhibiting creativity. 

Author of My Future Life offers a fair chance to start over and proof who you were designed to be. Measuring your environment (Eco-Metrics) we work toward a solution with short-term and long-term goals. 

You will be entitled to ownership of the product you created through this highly interactive process. We ultimately have responsibility for our own lives. No matter whether we receive an answer from someone else – it is still our responsibility to implement that, and make sure it is the right thing for us. 

Involving 6 sessions of brutal honesty and equally exciting discovery’s you will transform and improve in areas you wished for, dreamed about, and longed for.

Amongst others you will take an intense look at:

• Finance and Business

• Health

• Relationships

Expect change, and I don’t mean that in some shady, airy-fairy way.


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