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Think of your coach as an action-oriented mentor who can help you reach your goals.

When you want to look at your face you go to a mirror. It is not different when you want to look at your life, but only there are no images. You will need an honest reflection from a person who is authentic and passionate about life who will point out your blind spots.

Fulfilment is found in sharing my life, my desires, my ideas, and my love amongst many other sharable features of our existence. And then sometimes it is tough to figure out how to start, make progress, and sometimes how to end, which is usually a tough one to consider. The aim would be to get unstuck, to be liberated.

The help of someone who can identify my strengths and weaknesses helps to overcome obstacles that are holding me back. Life coaches are people like that. Some need to see a therapist to obtain the desired outcome for their life but more frequently you will benefit from an experienced Life Coach.

So, what is the difference?

Life Coaching is therapeutic but there are some major differences between Coaching and Psychiatry. A coach looks at the present and works toward the future, while a therapist looks at the past and helps you manage the present. Coaching provides structure and accountability the other is more open-ended. In Coaching, you will work at determining goals and how to achieve them, while in therapy direction is determined by how the client is feeling what would make them feel better in the moment what was different since previous visits, and what people and events have triggered feelings.

I just love the saying “Nothing can beat experience”. The saying used to be you cannot buy experience, but that became obsolete with the availability of positive people who are just passionate about people, to see them develop, grow, and be liberated from whatever held them back.

Any coach desires to develop his team members individually. This will benefit the collective attempt with the aim to win, overcome, or profit. This is achieved by determining the goal and working on a strategy to be victorious. I just love the term Eco-Metrics, deriving from the idea of an ecosystem. You as an individual respond in your unique manner to your direct environment. Two people placed in the same scenario will not behave or react identically. The Neuro-Coach Method™ is developed to address just that. Through this coaching method I not only identify the obstacles and talk about them to make you feel better, but I also help you to remove obstacles by changing the way you see them and the way you feel about them. Multi-level Neuro Processing™ is an effective method to facilitate behavior change. Make sure your Coach is registered and qualified!

This is what I do, I observe life and facilitate behavior change.