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Finding clarity is like determining your starting point. 

Strange as it may sound you are a participant in your life. You are surrounded by people and circumstances with a direct and indirect influence on how you think about life and react to it. 

In this exciting exercise, I allow you to take one step back and to be an observer of your own life. 

After a single session, you will walk away with a one-page draft knowing exactly what you have created with your life this far. 

This will put you in a powerful position to determine future action steps.  


UNCAGE my life 


These sessions are known as highly Transformative Coaching. 

One of my clients described these transformative conversations as brutal but liberating. You will have the opportunity to soundboard issues regarding personal considerations, relational- and professional interactions. It is extremely helpful to hear what you are thinking. 

These sessions will help you articulate ideas and get a fresh look at the influences in your life. 

Do they contribute or are they destructive?



You cannot process trauma by forgiving people or setting them free no matter how religious you consider yourself. 

The body reacts to what is in the mind, some experiences are so strongly imprinted into your being that it may take up to 50/60 years to process. 

Over the same period, we are exposed to numerous other negative events that accumulate. Gradually you are moving from a state of optimal functioning to physiological stress and ultimately to traumatic stress. In this state, you are experiencing sleep deprivation, loss of memory, and a higher frequency of arguments. 

You feel misunderstood and unimportant to your spouse, friends, family, and even God. People do not understand you and you are avoiding eye contact. Childhood experiences show to be an enormous influence resulting in behavior patterns that cannot be explained by yourself, nor understood by people living with you. 

Multi-Level Neuro Processing™ AND Trauma Releasing Exercises (or TRE® is a powerful tool to alleviate stress and process underlying influences that rob your freedom to be you again.


author of my life


Do you have control over your life? This powerful question has got nothing to do with you working for a company and being an employee. We are interactive beings, created to function dependant on fellow human beings. This question relates to your happiness and progress towards your destiny. Entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, and individuals at any level of society benefit from this explorative experience. You do not know what you are capable of and what potential is locked up on the inside of you. I am not only coaching this life-changing program from an academic point of view, I went through it myself. 

(You can read my story here)

This process changed my life, gave me direction, and gave me clarity regarding my purpose in life. Experience needs to be organized to be powerful, influential, effective, and potent. There is more in you than you can ever imagine.



Career planning entails way more than choosing a university for further study. High school learners, Students, and career changers will benefit from the Career Planning program. The Career planning program gives clarity regarding career choices. This might sound like stating the obvious, but reality proved something different. Not all people are inclined to further University or Technical college training.  Our Society comprises a growing number of trades that make life easier and more bearable.  Aptitude tests are used too often as an indicator for career planning. The value of this manner of evaluation is not underestimated, but the learner, student, or unemployed may walk away not knowing what to do with the information. 

The simple question always was: “What are you going to become?”, followed by an aptitude test.

The fact of the matter is that not all career choices require a degree at a university. Very few careers can be divined by the field of study. We will run out of space on this page if we want to unravel all the possibilities in the hospitality business or professions in the medical, training and education, or Law field among many other career fields.


With the Career planning program, we work through nine career areas, forty-five career fields, and more than nine hundred actual careers. Sounds overwhelming? Not at all. This interactive process works through the relevant information through a filter process. In other words, through elimination. The client leaves with a clear indication of their interests and if their current academic qualification or school subject choices will enable them to follow their dream.

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