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Whether it is a new business adventure, shaky relationship, or lack of direction we are surrounded by people. You are the master of your life, and change starts with you. 

Circumstances and relationships impact on your life, however the choice is still yours in the way you want to be part of it. What role do you want to play in this activity? 

In this session through an insightful exercise, you will get the chance to reflect and weigh in on the way forward in your life. 

This session is a summary to help get to a position so that you can move forward with positivity and a very clear plan. 


UNCAGE my life 


These sessions are opportunities for transformation. Some of my clients describe their experience as a challenge and freeing. 

An honest evaluation will be done to assess your situation on all levels both personal and professional. To understand your own thoughts with clarity has a lot of value and this process will help you to express yourself. To process the information your Life Coach will serve the purpose of a blind spot mirror. Risks and opportunities in your immediate vicinity will be highlighted. 

It affords you the chance to look with new perspective at what influences you and the effect it has on you. Ever wondered how it would feel to be fine-tuned for optimal performance? By being Uncaged you address what must change and what positive foundation to keep. 

Living an Uncaged life results in a larger footprint regarding influence and contributions to life.



No matter who you are stress and trauma are almost impossible to process on your own. Does the following phrases sound familiar: “I will rather die that to go through the same experience, or Forgive yes, forget never, or If I never see this person again it will be to soon!”. 

Your thoughts create a physical reaction in your body and to deal with trauma by yourself can take up to 6 decades to heal. Negative thoughts inevitable can build up while trying to process trauma and in some instances, it can lead to physical illness. Physiological stress leads to Traumatic stress and eventually it is not possible to function optimally. Signs of this are insomnia, memory loss and frequent arguments with loved ones and colleagues. 

While in trauma an individual can feel insignificant, misunderstood, and not heard, eye contact is avoided and even faith makes no sense. An example of this is a feeling of: "My prayer doesn't reach heaven." Studies show that traumatic experience from childhood has a significant impact on day-to-day life. The scars from adverse childhood trauma, and lack of attachment leads to lack of self-awareness and anyone that comes close to the wounded person is rejected. 

A life coach will be able to help you with the specific areas where trauma happened in the past and to deal with it, so that it no longer influences your present. 

This affords you the tools and practical support to be able to handle your life. Multi-Level Neuro Processing™ and Tension and Trauma Release Exercises® are effective methods of stress release. Trauma and stress relief will give you the opportunity to reach your full potential.


author of my life


You are valuable and possess abilities that must be developed to reach full potential. 

On more than one occasion you pondered on the idea that you have more potential than what is evident. But before you don’t belief it yourself and act it will only be a noble thought. You have something to add to your story, to write our own story, no matter who you are or what you do. 

I want to pose a question with a request that you think about it for one minute. “Do you love yourself like somebody you really care for?” 

Take this opportunity to add to your life story, you are the author who can add detail and remove characters that became redundant. Life is full of challenges and choices, and it is up to us to decide how to handle it? What will your life look like 3-5 years from now? What is your wish for a long-term relationship? How will you take care of you family and children? How do you plan to spend free time and how are you going to deal with temptations and negative influences in future? These questions need answers to prepare us for our future filling the blank spaces in our life story. 

If you take control, you at least have a say in the direction you are heading. Inner reflection through this program gives you a gaze to see what you can achieve. This is not only academic knowledge to me, but my experience of this was also life changing. 

(You can read my story here)

The Author of my Life program guides you with direction and clarity regarding your life goals. Effective change happens through an organized and well-planned analysis of your goals.



The Career Planning Program is designed to give clarity regarding all career choices. It involves more than choosing an academic program at a university. 

If you want to change your career this program will be beneficial to you. Not everyone has the inclination for further tertiary studies, society comprises of a growing number of people that practice trades and careers to enhance and easy our daily lives. 

 Aptitude tests by itself cannot be the only measure we use in career planning. With the Uncaged Career planning program, the learner, student, and potential employee is equipped with a document that give targeted information. 

What do you want to be? A natural question and then the tendency is to rely only on aptitude tests. A university degree is not a necessity is not a requirement in all careers. Within many careers there are specialty areas that can be explored. Examples of this is the hospitality industry, medical field, education and even law. 

This program discovers where you fit in so that you can have a fulfilling career of your choice.      

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